Foodie Events and other Fun


Professional Knife Sharpening, Monday, February 23rd
ring your knives to The Cook's Station prior to this date. Knives will be ready eod. Prices vary.

French Cooking Class Thursday February 26th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on) Sold Out
Join Chef Drew for as you prepare a gourmet French meal! Chef Drew serves under Chef Teryi Youngblood at The Passerelle Bistro.  Menu: Appetizer w/ goat cheese, Prosciutto, and fig perserves, Coq au vin (braised chicken in red wine with vegetables), Pear Tart Tatin  $40/person Please register me for the French Cooking Class

Demarle at Home Cooking Class Tuesday March 3rd 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
Many of you are familiar Silpat, a flat baking mat made from 100% silicone and woven glass which we sell here in the store. It is one of our most favorite products. We recently found out that Demarle, the makers of Silpat had a whole line of flexipan products that we love. Bad news is that these products are only sold at home parties, and we are not able to offer them to you in our store. We are always looking for the best products for you, so if we can’t bring them to our store, we will bring you to the product. Please join us for a evening of fun while you get hands-on experience using these great products that we know you will fall in love with.  We will prepare a full course meal of roasted chicken legs, three cheese spaghetti, parmesan baskets, roasted veggies, brie & jam tartlets, chocolate layer cake w/ buttercream filling. $30/personPlease register me for the Demarle at Home Cooking Class

Latin Fusion Cooking Class Thursday March 5th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
As part of the Upstate International Month Chef John Moreno will be teaching a Latin Fusion class. Join us in creating a Peruvian/Puerto Rican Gourmet meal Bacalaitos Fritos, Chupe De Camarones (shrimp soup), Cau-Cau/Mondongo (beef tripe stew), and Empanadas. $40/person Please register me for the Latin Fusion Class March 5

Traditional Italian Cooking Class Monday March 9th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on) SOLD OUT
As part of the Upstate International Month Chef Tony Trapasso will be teaching a class on traditional Italian cooking.  Menu to include Biscotti, Cannoli filling, Lemon Zucchini Risotto, Fennel and Sausage Soup  $40/person Please register me for the Traditional Italian cooking class March 9

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class Thursday March 12th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on) SOLD OUT
As part of the Upstate International Month Chef Alba Sunyer will be teaching a class on Spanish Tapas. Included in the menu will be Marcona Almonds in Olive Oil and Sea Salt, Marinated Manchego Cheese, Tomato Jam w/ Blue Cheese, Tomato Bread w/ Caramelized Onion and Tuna, Las Bravas (fried potatoes w/ spicy tomato sauce) $40/person Please register me for the Spanish Tapas Cooking Class

Afghanistan Cooking Class Tuesday March 17th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
As part of the Upstate International Month Chef Nelo Mayar will be in the kitchen sharing with us a traditional Afghanistan meal. Menu to include Shor Nakhut (chickpeas, potatoes w/ chutney),  Turmeric Chicken Kabob, Chalau, Okra, Cardamon Green Chai. $40/person  Please register me for the Afghanistan Cooking Class March 17

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Cooking Class Saturday March 21st 7-9 pm (adult/hands-on) SOLD OUT
Hopefully by the time this class rolls around we will be seeing some signs of Spring, with that comes Spring fever! What better way to get ready than to prepare a meal of Steak and Shrimp kabobs, Loaded Potato Salad, and a fruit Cobbler to welcome the first signs of Spring (appetizer TBA)$40/person Please register me for the Goodbye Winter class

Professional Knife Sharpening, Monday, March 23rd
ring your knives to The Cook's Station prior to this date. Knives will be ready eod. Prices vary.

Traditional Chinese Cooking Class Monday March 23 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
As part of the Upstate International Month Chef Mei Li Trapasso will be introducing traditional Chinese meal. Menu to include Cucumber Salad, Szechuan Kou Shui Chicken $40/person Traditional Chinese Cooking Class

Indian Cooking Class Thursday March 26 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
As part of the Upstate International Month, Chaitra Cheluvaraju will be introducing us to Indian Cooking. Menu to include Onion Pakoras w/ Mint Chutney, Warm Carrot and Beet Salad, Chicken Jalfrazie, and Rasmalai for dessert. $40/person Please register me for the Indian cooking class

“Cooking with Mrs O” Healing Bread Baking w/ Fresh Grains  March 30th 6-8 pm (semi hands-on)Sold Out (Rescheduled from Feb 16 due to weather)
“Cooking with Miss O” airs every Saturday on WGGS Channel 16. Mary Beth Oxendine (a true Proverbs 31 woman)  will share with us her lifestyle of cooking from scratch, and the healing it has brought to her family simply by changing the way they ate. Her cooking is proof that it is possible to eat healthy, simple,  southern style meals, while staying on a budget. In this class you will learn how to grind your own grain to make bread that we will enjoy with homemade pimento cheese, salad with homemade dressing and brownies for desert.  All healthy and delicious. $30/ person Please register me for the Healing Bread Baking class

Kids Only Cupcake Decorating Thursday April 2 10am - 12 pm (kids/hands-on)
Have some fun in the kitchen during Spring Break! Join us for a fun morning as we bake and decorate cupcakes just in time for Easter celebration. Each child will receive a hands on experience as they learn the basic skills of baking. They will leave with 6 beautifully decorated cupcakes to share with family. $30/childPlease register my child for the Cupcake Baking class

"Spring Break" Girls Night Out Thursday April 9th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
Girls just wanna have fun, and that's exactly what we are going to do in this hands on cooking experience. Chef Cynthia will have a signature drink waiting for you to begin the class, then we will work side by side with chef to create heavy appetizers of Greens and Things on Flat Bread, Ham Ball w/ Tomato Jam, Grilled Veggies Bruschetta, and Tart Tatin. No wet T-shirt contest for this Spring Break....but come wearing your favorite apron and be entered in to win the "big prize" (or you can borrow one of our aprons) $40/person Please register me for the Girls Night Out

Crepes Cooking Class Monday April 13th 6--8 pm (adult/hands-on)
Chef Teryi Youngblood will be with us for this hands-on crepe making class. We will learn the art of making the perfect crepe, while preparing a crepe bar with various fillings and sauces to create your own custom crepe. For those of you that are gluten free, we will be making buckwheat crepes also. The evening will be finished off with a flambe experience! $40/personPlease register me for the Crepes Cooking Class

"Blue Ribbon Baking" Cooking Class Thursday April 16th 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
Francine Roberts Bryson, author of Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen, Award Winning Baker, finalist on CBS's The American Baking Competition, and a all around Sassy, Southern Belle will be in the kitchen baking up some marvelous treats. Join her for this hands on class with a Blue Ribbon Menu TBA! $40/person
Please register me for the Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen Cooking Class

Macaron Cooking Class Monday April 20 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
These beautiful and delicate French sweets are taking over the dessert world. In this hands on class you will be taught the basics of making the macaron cookie, along with a few tips on perfecting this sweet treat. We will make 3 flavors during the class, Earl Gray Tea, Coconut, and Chocolate Overload. Class begins at 6:00 pm. Please arrive a little early for a light meal prior to class. $40/personPlease register me for the Macaron 101 Cooking Class

Tuscan Cooking Class Tuesday April 21 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on) SOLD OUT
Take the mystery out of creating tasty, simple, classic Tuscan recipes.  In this hands-on class increase your confidence as you gain experience under the instruction of Chef Mary Katherine preparing delicious Italian fare. Menu includes: Shrimp Bruschetta with Spring Greens; Tuscan Grilled Tenderloin; Rosemary Roasted Vegetables; Roasted Potatoes with Bay Leaves; and Zuccotto (Tuscan Dome Cream Cake). $40/person
Please register me for the Tuscan Cooking Class

Cook like a STAR Cooking Class Thursday April 23rd (adult/hands-on)
Chef Lonnie Gilbert has a "All Star" menu line up for us. We will be using some well known recipes from Bobby Flay, Ina Garter, Alton Brown, Ann Burrell, and Giada De Laurentis to create a spectacular menu of oven roasted shrimp w/ toasted garlic and red chili oil, herb marinated pork tenderloins, polenta, roasted brussels sprouts, and sauteed pineapple w/ honey & pine nut. Grab your apron and meet us in the kitchen. $40/ person Please register me for the Cook like a Star cooking class

Professional Knife Sharpening  Monday April 27th
Bring your knives to The Cook's Station prior to this date. Knives will be ready eod. Prices vary. 

Food Networks "Chopped Teen Winner" Tammi Rae Fowler Cooking Class Tuesday April 28 6-8 pm (ages 13-adult/hands-on)
Rising food star, Tommi Rae is a local girl who won the grand champion on teen "Chopped" . She is a inspiration to all ,showing us that dreams do come true with hard work. Join Tommi Rae in the kitchen as she prepares a meal of Greek Chicken cous cous. Appetizer and dessert TBA. Please register me for the Food Networks Teen "Chopped" winner, Tommi Rae Cooking Class

Caribbean Cooking Class Thursday April 30 6-8 pm (adult/hands-on)
Hey Mon! Chef Valerie Thomas will take us to the tropics for this Caribbean style cooking class where you will learn how to make Buss up shot (Trinidadian chicken curry roti dish), along with avocado salad, and rum cake for dessert. Come hungry, leave with a piece of the Caribbean! $40/personPlease register me for the Caribbean Cooking Class